Sunday, May 27, 2007

Now Available...

Brand new... and AWESOME! We now have mugs available with our best selling design "live. shoot. scrapbook." These mugs are great for hot or cold beverages and they have a no spill top so they are perfect to take to your next crop.

One of our designers always has a Starbucks mug with her filled with water (seriously, at all times). I sent her one of these so she could test it out and compare the quality to the one she uses. Our mug got two big thumbs up! It didn't spill or leak and it kept her water cool all day long.

Price is $14.99 & you can purchase them here... Yellow Fence Scrapbook Mugs!


melissa said...

how cool!

Noelia said...

This is very cool. Stainless steel is my fave look.