Friday, May 04, 2007

Pay It Forward Blog Contest...

Because we’re out to prove that 1 shirt can make a difference… Tomorrow (National Scrapbook Day) we here at Yellow Fence will be launching a campaign to raise money to help fight the battle against Breast Cancer. We will be offering a limited edition t-shirt, fitted shirt & bag all in light pink with the dark pink "care. crop. cure." logo printed on them. 25% of the profits from the sale of every limited edition item will be donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. In addition we have created a badge so that if you would rather donate directly, or donate in addition to purchasing a shirt you can. Breast Cancer touches the lives of so many women and this is our way of paying it forward to the community of women who keep us in business.

Contest Details…
Now I want to hear what YOU have done to pay it forward. Big or small how have you enriched the life of someone else? Tell us all about it and you could win a $25 gift certificate to Yellow Fence, where you can choose from a wide variety of scrapbooking t-shirts, bags, fitted shirts & more. Simply comment on this post by the end of today (11:59pm Eastern Time) and I will select 3 winners at random to receive a $25 gift certificate. Please be sure to include your email at the bottom of your post so that I can contact you if you are a winner.

Rules & Stuff… You may only enter once… The contest is open to anyone but, Yellow Fence does not currently offer international shipping… Posts without an email listed will be disqualified… Winners will be emailed by May 7th… You have 1 year to use your gift certificate… Gift certificates must be redeemed for products at www.yellowfence .com and have no cash value.


Anonymous said...

Me,my dh, sil, bil had dinner at one of those Japanese Steak houses where you have to share a table with other people. Well, they sat us with a very young couple who seemed to be very chosey about what they ordered. Not sure if it was a money issue or not. But they didn't order any appetizer, only had water and shared a meal. They were very friendly and joined in on our conversation. Just before the bills came we asked the waitress to put their bill with ours and we paid for their dinner. They were so grateful and thanked us a million times. The reason we did this was about 7 years prior we (and be we I mean my dh, me and our 6 children) were eating in a family restraunt in Florida and someone paid for our bill. When we found out who it was we walked over to thank them. They explained to us how someone had done it for them when their children were young and they always promised that when they could comfortably afford to, they would pay it forward. So, it was an opportunity for us to do the same that night at the restraunt. The young couple thanked us a bunch and we told them our story and asked only that when they could afford to do the same thing, that they pay it forward.

Claudia d.

Vee said...

awesome cause!!

Anonymous said...

Great "contest"! Thanks for having it!

My grandmother is the most amazing person in the world. I went through A LOT of hard times growing up (my mother passed when i was 4, then my father turned to drugs). Anyways, my grandmother (fathers mom) was ALWAYS there for me. She was really the only "motherly figure" I had around. She was always buying me clothes, taking me to movies, letting me stay at her house, and driving me around to my friends.
Well since shes done SO MUCH for me in the past years (I am now 22), that I decided to do something amazing for her.

she was going on vacation with her daughters to vegas (to celebrate one of my aunts last chemotherapy sessions for her breast cancer...2nd time having breast cancer) and I was to watch her house (water plants, take dog out...etc.). My grandma's basement was PACKED of wrapping paper, old toys, books, clothes...EVERYTHING from 80's-90's. So my Dad and I cleaned it top to bottom. Donated most of it to the local homeless shelter and donated to GoodWill. Some of it was icky and had to be thrown away. But when she got home from her vacation...she was definitely surprised and probably had a mini heart attack to see her basement cleaner than its been in ATLEAST 20 years.

Mallory L.
(BBC Scrapbook Board)

Melissa said...

I'm a former Hobby Lobby employee and I still love to shop at their stores. Back when i worked there they weren't doing the 40 percent off coupons or I would have never made any money. Now whenever I go to shop and there's one of these on the web, I print extras to give to strangers. Someone gave me one at Michael's once ages ago and it made my day.

BonnieRose said...

Paying it forward. What have i done for someone else? I have offered inspiration and encouragement thru my blog to alot of ppl. I get emails from ppl I have never met, telling me how much I make a dfce in their daily lives... that feels so good... that the life I live and share, makes a dfce to someone else. Powerful stuff.


Anonymous said...

Great idea!
I watched the movie, Pay It Forward, last month for the first time and I cried!
When I was a teenager I received counseling to help me cope with an assault that I had been a victim of.
Now, even though I have moved from that area and can't PIF to the same agency that helped me, I volunteer on a regular basis at a local center that helps victims of abuse. I do what I can by donating office supplies, volunteering at fund raising events and even helping out with administrative duties. It's my way of helping.

Stacie said...

On my way to look for that shirt! Great idea!