Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Double Trouble...

It appears that my nieces are going to be on Good Morning America on Saturday morning. Our local news did a story about their elementary school having 31 sets of twins (and 1 set of quints). Now it's been picked up by Good Morning America and they'll be taping at the school on Friday and airing the segment on Saturday. So if your awake at 7am on Saturday morning check it out!

By the way this is the ACTUAL picture that they used for the story on-line. All the other twins are hugging and these two are doing this. Lord help us if they actually get any air time!

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Anonymous said...

wow what a small world it is. I just found your t-shirt website and this blog this morning from another blog but I can't remember which one-sorry. In any case, I happened to read that your nieces go to Timberlin Creek Elementary-well I live right up the street from there-that's so cool. In fact, I know the principal of the school very well. She was principal at my children's elementary school (they're all high school age and above now) and the principal, Mrs. Hutchins, has a daugther that's in high school with my girls and they are on the same winterguard team. They had a winterguard parent meeting this morning and Mrs. Hutchins (who is on the guard parent board) had to come later because of the tv appearance on Good Morning America. So how funny is it to stumble across a really cool t-shirt website and I had no idea that you were so close by and to read about Timberlin Creek. I'm assuming your in St Augustine too? I just had to write to say what a cool coincidence that was. And that I love the t-shirts and definitely plan to order one!
st augustine, Florida