Monday, October 08, 2007

Letter From a Customer...

I received an awesome email from a customer of ours in reference to the "care. crop. cure." shirts that we are offering. Thank you so much Lyn for sharing your kind words. She gave me permission to share her thoughts with all of you...

Last year on November 8th I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer .. we caught it early .. I went through treatments .. and I am heading back into normalcy. My younger sister was just diagnosed last week .. again caught early because she insisted on a biopsy instead of waiting and watching (she said that she had a sister that went through it and she wanted to know!)

It's people like you who continue to support the Komen Foundation that they are able to get the word out about early detection. Even before I was diagnosed - the foundation was one of my fundraising projects that I am closest to. I plan on wearing my pink shirts (along with my pink survivor shirt) all month long!

Thanks again,

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