Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fence Post Interview: Kristi Sikora-Blankenship (Organizer Extraordinaire)

You may know Kristi from her work with Cropper Hopper teaching organizational classes at scrapbook conventions and events throughout the country. I've known her for many years and she truly is a great person and a very inspired scrapbooker. We recently did a little interview for the blog. Enjoy!

Scrapbooking product you can't live without? My Epson Picture Mate Printer.

If your house was burning down and your family was safe, what 1 item would you grab? My parent's wedding album.

If your house did burn down would you consider rebuilding in Florida? OH YES!

Your perfect day would be... Waking up a little late (9 AM), going to a gym for a high impact work out class, swimming for 45 minutes, shower and massage, come home to scrapbook with my neighbor Shannon, and taking the kids to a festival that night. :) Oh yeah, and I am SUPER SKINNY this entire day, too. :)

1 person you wish you could have over for dinner? My mom.

Favorite Color? Pink.

Favorite Yellow Fence Product? V-neck Shirts and Yellow Fence Tote Bags.

Favorite Scrapbook Idea Books? Cathy Zielske (Both Clean & Simple), Ali Edwards (Life Artist), Stacy Julian (Big Picture).

Favorite Album Ever Created? Week in A life - I love having a snapshot of our lives for one week. I wish I had this from my childhood.

What are your scrapbooking goals for 2008?
* Get my perpetual albums up to date. * Do a story week by week so my kids know stories about our lives. * Get all my digital photos onto my mac. * Create a gift album for my dad's doctor's family. * Create a gratitude album. * Scrap at least once a week for a little bit.

Why do you love scrapbooking? It really leaves something real for the people you leave behind should anything ever happen to you. I love knowing my kids will have no doubt how much I loved them each and every day.

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