Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fence Post Interview: Tara Whitney (Orange County's Premier Family Photographer)

The fabulous Tara Whitney did us the honor of being our first guest designer for our new Chari-tees program. You may know Tara from her work for Simple Scrapbooks as well as her phenomenal photography. Tara answered a few questions for us about The Unforgettables Foundation, her charity of choice.

What made you choose The Unforgettables Foundation as your charity? Their organization was brought to my attention just after having a session with a family who lost their child at birth. The pain that they experienced was so raw and it stayed with me. It is still with me. So, it was a natural choice.

Are you now, or have you in the past participated in any other fundraising events for them? They recently had a crop where they raffled off prizes. One of the prizes was a photo session with me, anywhere in the USA.

Your perfect day would be... My perfect day would include in some order: a massage, a clean house, laundry put away, shopping with friends, a movie, laying pool-side having drinks brought to me, watching my children have fun, sitting on the beach, taking pictures, snuggling and laughing with my husband. All while eating whatever I wanted and staying a size 10.

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