Monday, May 12, 2008

Make Something Monday...

Greetings from Make Something Monday. Tonight I'm going to be working on the birthday album that I am keeping for my nephew. It's a 6x12 Westrim and I use 1 6x12 and then 2 sheets of 3 up 4x6 pages for each one of his birthdays. I have one of these for Cole also, but since he's only had 1 birthday it's not very exciting to look at. Will turned 4 this year and I love looking through 4 years of birthday photos to see how he's changed. If you are making something today leave a post below and even a link to your blog or online gallery and I'll share them on the blog. Tonight I also need to upload some pictures to I need some 6x6 prints for a Father's Day gift that I'm working on. More on that later.

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Marne said...

Hi, can you tell me where you found your album? I have been looking for that exact one for another project I am doing and can't locate it.

I love you blog! Lots of great ideas. Thanks!