Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fence Post Interview: Tammy Wynard (Guest Designer & "care. crop. cure." Contest Winner)

Say hello to Tammy! Tammy created the "care. crop. cure." design that won our design contest a few months back. Tammy choose the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization as her charity of choice to receive 25% of the profits from the sale of all "care. crop. cure." merchandise. Tammy answered a few interview questions for us so we could get to know her better.

Tell us a little about yourself? I'm a 33 years old - Native of Chicago suburbs and currenlty live in the west suburb of Aurora. I am a professional public and school health educator. I taught middle and high school health education up until my daughter was born and now teach undergraduate and graduate public and school health education courses at two local universities at night and on weekends. I have been married nine years to my very giving and loving husband Kevin, and have two totally adorable kids - Teddy 4 years old and Katey 1 1/2 years old and I love that I get to play with them everyday!

Scrapbooking product you can't live without? Stamps (and ink!)

If your house was burning down and your family was safe, what 1 item would you grab? It would have to be my kids' blankets and my daughter's dolly, if everything else was gone at least they would have their lovies

How did you come up with your "care. crop. cure." design? Being a health educator when I read about the contest I was excited because it bridged my two passions - health & wellness and scrapbooking - these two world's don't collide that often, so I let it sink in for awhile but kept thinking of different ideas for the shirt. I have a lot of wonderful artistic ideas but don't have the graphic design background to really put it on paper so I decided to go the simple route which is what I really love about the Yellow Fence products to begin with. As a teacher and avid reader I love words, so I decided to do a word play on the "care. crop. cure." theme. I used the thesaurus for care and cure which was easy to come up love and heal and threw in scrap for crop. When I came to the word "heal" I knew it was good because everyone can be part of someone's healing process, but everyone doesn't have the ability to necessarily cure someone.

Your perfect day would be... wake up hearing the waves crash on the beach, then eat a huge buffet breakfast with mimosa's, go to the beach with my family where it is the perfect temperature and not to much wind, have some pina coladas with shrimp cocktail for lunch, take a nap, go for a dip in a pool, take my family and go to a restaurant on the beach to watch the sunset, go for a walk on the beach, end the night reading a book for leisure and not work related.

1 person you wish you could have over for dinner? My best friend Angie, who is truly my sister, is an international school teacher and has lived over seas for nine years. We only get to see each other maybe every 2-4 years so I would love to eat a great meal with her and just hang out like we did in college, and after when we were roommates.

Favorite Color? Purple

Favorite Yellow Fence Product? Ladies V-Neck Shirts

What charity did you choose to have profits from the sale of your shirt donated to and how did you pick them? I chose the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization based out of Chicago, Illinois. I wanted a organization that was local to me but had national appeal. I also believe their 24 hour question and support hotline is undeniable one of the best ways to help newly diagnosed and their friends and family. Pairing someone with breast cancer with a survivor that knows how they feel when family and friends may not, is a huge ingredient in someone's healing process.

Favorite Album Ever Created? I was a card maker for three years and said I would never become a scrapbooker. Well, my Close to My Heart Consultant was doing a workshop on making a 6X6 album for each person in your family. Since we didn't have kids then I did my husband, myself, and our dog Wilson. I made a blank page for my future baby because I knew that someday I would be able to put a picture of my child in it. My consultant thought is was quite humorous, but 1 1/2 years later I was able to put the picture in the album, which was one of the happiest moments because I was then a mom. That first album will always be special - even though it is only twelve pages long.


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