Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fence Post Interview: Stephanie Ackerman (Creator of Home & Heart Magazine)

Stephanie designed our ScrapHappy logo that is available on a brown tote bag as well as any of our shirts. She is also the creator of Home & Heart Magazine (new issue due out next month). Stephanie answered a few questions for our Fence Post Interview.

Tell us a little about yourself? I am a “Simply Complicated” girl…. I love the simple things and most of the time complicate them… in a good way (most of the time). I am an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life... let me explain what it means... I am a regular girl. I love GOD, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my kids school & the teachers who teach there & the volunteers who volunteer there. I am a simple girl. I love Chips & Salsa, ice from a bag and Fuji Apples from Costco. I used to drive a mini van, but got a newer car a few years back, but am not to proud to say I would go back to a mini van any day (it is easy to haul around bikes, skateboards, boogie boards & skate ramps)! Oh, and I LOVE paper, batter, fabric, dough (as in cookie dough) & paint... A LOT... probably more than the average person.

I am not a "celebrity" and on the contrary, I am the one who won't even say hello to Heidi Swapp when I see her. I know, that is soooo lame, the thing is, my lil crop friend Heather said "I was her new celebrity friend". Now I will be honest and tell you that many years ago, my friend Deena & I sat at a table and dreamed about what it would be like to be one of "The Big Girls".....but I am no celebrity. no sir-ree...when you meet me, you will realize that I am really am a jean wearin, flop flop sportin, God Lovin, paper craftin dork. And I am okay with this.

That is why I get confused and totally embarrassed when someone wants me to sign an autograph... duh, who's name do you want me to sign... where am I going with this? I am flattered that people consider me being a celebrity, but I am going to burst your bubble and tell you that there are no paparazzi helicopters flying in my airspace... only fly's (from the bunny poop). Maybe the word celebrity has to do with the fact that I have (for a few more months) a publication from CK Media... but celebrity is not the word. Blessed is a better word and I am so sad to have to share that after the August issue, it will be no more.

When someone asks me how long I have been "creating", I explain that I started at birth. My very first project was shortly after birth, when the nurses stamped my lil tiny baby foot in ink and stamped it on something official. When I was a young girl, I made Barbie Clothes, Barbie forts, pot holders, sit-upons, a doll for my grandma when she was in the hospital, Christmas ornaments from plastic champagne glasses, dolls from clothes pins...I could go on for a long time...but I will stop ( I am starting to ramble)...
I am starting to document what it is to me and sharing with you my "Living a normal life", with school, kids, dishes, laundry, bills (&%$#) but also being blessed by GOD & the people I have come to meet, to be able to live my dream of being a "sorta big girl". I guess my point is, I am a normal & simple girl...and one who sees things complicated, or heck, complicates them. I am affected by world events & local problems and quite honestly, dang tired of hearing about the presidential election and the price of gas. My point to all of this rambling is to repeat that I am just a an extraordinary life...
and remember this... I am you and you are me...just paper lovin, GOD prayin', good do-er tryin' to live this life...while raisin' kids, doin' laundry, payin' bills and makin' stuff....

Scrapbooking product you can't live without? My ATG gun…hands down, I am a total over adhesive user, and that has got to be the best product for adhesive… I also LOVE all night media brand foam pop dots.

If your house was burning down and your family was safe, what 1 item would you grab? My wedding ring, which was also my great grandmothers wedding ring, and the ring I wear on my right hand which was my grandma’s wedding ring….and my photos.

How did you come up with the "ScrapHappy" design? It is the name of one my best scrappy friends blog, Lain Ehmann of Simple Scrapbooks.

Your perfect day would be... June 23, 2007…the day I married the boy I fell in love with waaayyyyyy back when I was 15….22 plus years later..we met up again and fell in love for real and forever!

1 person you wish you could have over for dinner? Actually, with such busy sports schedules, summer sleepovers, activities 24/7 & my husband being gone for two months, I would just love for my family to sit down together for dinner, right now.

Favorite Color? Barn Red & Sage Green

Favorite Yellow Fence Product? Well, the ScrapHappy Tote Bag, of course…and Tara’s t-shirt.

Where do you get the inspiration for your doodles? I am inspired by quotes, songs, smells, paper patterns, color combinations…holidays…& a big one is… emotions.

Favorite Album Ever Created? My Rhonna Farrer 21 Day Journal. A few years back, on her blog, Rhonna would inspire us with a quote each day for 21 days. I printed out her quote, adhered it to my page, re-doodled the same quote and then journal about how it inspired me, reminded me and /or affected me. I looked forward to getting up every morning to find a new quote….21 days forms a habit, and that it did…I doodle everyday..everywhere I go…It is a good habit to have!

What projects are you currently working on? I am working on a cornucopia of projects… like always… I have at least 10 projects going… I am designing some products for Bo Bunny… I just released an entire alphabet stamp set that you can purchase through my Etsy Shop, I am starting to teach store & home workshop/craft nights that consist of my “How-To-Doodle like I do” and I am getting ready for an experience of a lifetime in October… I am going to South Africa to meet up with Lara Cousins to teach what is being called “The Creative Journey” A scrapbooking excursion on a train that will benefit Breast Cancer Research…& I am excited that my mother-in-law with be traveling with me. Anybody want to come with me???

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