Monday, July 07, 2008

Make Something Monday...

Ok, here is the 2nd book from Cole's Dear Sweet Child Letter Box. Man, I love this set. This book is for his first year. This book was harder to back track on than the day he was born book because I wanted to include some of his first year milestones. That of course required digging out his baby book and looking some stuff up. I will say it was a nice walk down memory lane. Man, they grow up fast. Once again, I used the Dymo Tape for the titles and printed little mini pictures on my Epson PictureMate Printer. They books are a little bigger than 4x6 so I didn't want to waste too much room on larger photos. Ok, now I've got 2 of his books done and I only need to do 1 more before August.

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alyssa said...

This is so sweet! Love the idea, and your completely adorable photos!