Monday, September 21, 2009

LeapFrog Tag Reading System Activity Cards...

Cole recieved the LeapFrog® Tag Reading System for his 3rd birthday and I must say, it has been a huge hit. With the Tag Reader he got a set of National Geographic Kids: Activity Cards - Land Animals which are by far his favorite. They tell you the animal name, you can hear what sound they make and they also tell you some random facts about the animals. The activity cards came with a horrible plastic pin in the top to hold them together. This made it so that the cards could be fanned out, but not flipped over. They were very frustrating to use. Using a pair of pliers I removed the plastic pin and replaced it with a binder ring, which is available at any office supply store. Now the cards move more freely and can be flipped over as well. Cole has found the new design much more user friendly. Santa has already purchased the National Geographic Kids: Activity Cards - Birds and Sea Animals for his stocking and I'm sure he'll be equally as pleased with that set of cards.

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