Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Cutest Little Turkey Cupcakes

I made some super cute and super tasty Turkey Cupcakes for Thanksgiving this year. I also baked some pies, but they weren't as adorable. So... start with a batch of plain cupcakes. I used vanilla because I made a homemade chocolate butter cream icing and I thought that a chocolate cupcake would be too rich.

I used fruit roll ups to make some turkey legs.
Cover the top of the cupcake with chocolate frosting.
Dip your cupcake in some chocolate sprinkles.
Take a double stuff Oreo and insert 5-6 candy corns. I actually bought all my candy corns on clearance after Halloween.
Plop your Oreo into the middle of the cupcake.
Decorate a Whopper with eyes and a beak and place it in front of your Oreo.
Gobble. Gobble. These were a huge hit with the kids at Thanksgiving.

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