Thursday, March 03, 2011

Paper Towel Roll Marble Run

This is a cross post from my TP Craft site. If you are interested in other crafty projects using toilet paper and paper towel rolls then you should check it out.

Marble Run Supply List: 10-12 paper towel rolls, hot glue gun, magnets, scissors, marble

Cut out the edges on each of the tubes.

Use the hot glue gun to attach magnets to the side of the tubes. Please do not allow your children to use a hot glue gun. I did this part while Cole was napping.

Line up your tubes on a magnetic surface. This would be a great activity to do on your fridge. We just got a new stainless steel fridge and it is not magnetic so we did out marble run on the laundry room door.

Here is a video of our little activity. It was a HUGE hit!


Amanda said...

Love it! Thanks for the great idea!

Tim said...

That is fantastic!

The Honorable Mention said...

I love this! I know the kids will too! Thank you, I will definitely do this!

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

This is amazing! Absolutely love it. I have a dad who bought big sack of ping pong balls. I'm going to suggest that he try something like this. :)