Monday, March 19, 2007


I love Mondays because they are a fresh start to a new week, but... they are also CRAZY around here! On Monday Cole & I go to Gymboree class. It is so much fun and he loves it but it eats up almost the entire day.

This morning I was thinking about balance. Balance has been my inspirational word for about 2 years now. Nothing forces you to re-evaluate the balance in your life more than having a child. I have a deadline for an article I'm writing for a trade magazine. It's a great opportunity for Yellow Fence, but it requires me to actually sit at the computer and do some work - within a given time frame. So even though all I can think about is what I'm going to include in this article, I left the computer and went to play with my son. And the article will get done eventually so it can wait, but the fun we had singing songs and playing will be with him forever.

Thank heaven for naps because now I can get a little work done!

One more thing... my new favorite photo opportunity is to turn the camera around and take self portraits of Cole & I. It's not very easy to do when you are using an SLR and trying to hang on to a 22lb baby. When I post about how I dropped my camera you can all comment about what an idiot I am!


Jill said...

Hopefully you don't drop it, because you got a great shot!!!!! Gymboree - sounds like fun! Jill

your girl chelsea morning said...

oh, you're very brave--I don't think I'd be able to do that with my slr! great shot though!