Friday, March 16, 2007


Ali Edwards posted a challenge on her blog about documenting routines in your life. So tonight I took pictures of Cole's bedtime routine. I haven't had a chance to make my scrapbook page yet, but here are my pictures and journaling. This will be such a nice addition to his album.

5:30pm - Dinner time for Cole. This usually consists of 2 containers of stage 2 baby food - tonight it was carrots and applesauce (your favorite) and then some puff cereal. You love to feed yourself. You grab the puffs by the handful and shove them in your mouth. I have to watch you like a hawk because I'm so worried that you are going to choke.

5:50pm - Zantac. You've been taking Zantac for your Reflux since you were 1 month old. I hope that you grow out of it soon!

6:00pm - Bath fun begins. You LOVE the bath. You love to play and splash and have a good time! Daddy and I love giving you a bath because it so much fun. Here we are all crowded in our small 2nd bathroom getting ready.

6:20pm - PJs and Bed. Once you are out of the bath it's time for pajamas, your last bottle and bed. We also put you in a sleep sack so that you stay nice and warm during the night. You are usually sleeping peacefully by 6:30pm.


noell said...

You got some fun pictures of your routine! With three kids I don't think our bedtime routine is all that interesting!!!

BTW, I don't know anyone that is able to get their kids down as early as 6:30. Lucky you!

Jill said...

So sweet! It's an interesting idea about the routine. :-)

Vee said...

beautiful post and awesome pics of your routine :)
thanks for visiting my blog and crossing your fingers for mw ;)
later chicka!!