Monday, June 09, 2008

Make Something Monday...

I got a Pottery Barn gift card for my birthday a few months ago and while I was in there trying to decide how to spend it I found this great little mouse pad/note pad. I guess it's designed to be a mouse pad that you can write on? I'm not sure. It has the months across the top and numbers down the side and it came with 90 sheets. I decided that I'm going to use it to create a summer 2008 album.

My goal is to take 1 picture a day at least 5 days a week for the entire summer. I already tested out a letter "O" stamp that I have and it will work perfect to circle the month and day on each sheet. The sheets are 9x9 so I might use a Heidi Swapp album that I have for them, or I might just bind them between chipboard or acrylic. I haven't decided yet. I'm excited to have 1 picture and journaling for almost every day this summer. I'll be sure to share in the next few months so you can see how it's turning out.

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